Project Description:

In 2003 working as a nurse I sustained a devastating lower back injury catching a falling patient. I was off work for many months of intense therapy getting just minimal pain relief.

My Doctor prescribed many different medications which allowed me to “function” in activities of daily living and at work. I had better days followed by intolerable days. Cycle of pain, some relief and back pain again.

My CT and MRI revealed herniated discs, degenerative changes, spinal stenosis and nerve root compression. Eventually the pain spread from my lower back to my legs and feet. Taking turns between one leg and then the other. Walking for any length of time was difficult. Always keeping narcotic analgesics with me.

Seven years have now passed, with the pain increasing in severity and frequency. Getting up in the morning required medication before getting out of bed! Medication to allow some sleep.

I tried all types of therapy, physio, acupuncture, and deep tissue massage, all of which afforded me a temporary reprieve from the pain that grew in severity. An Activator Chiropractor gave me a welcome decrease in muscle spasms, kept me in alignment so I could function and go to work.

In August of this year, while on holidays I was in excruciating pain from the right buttock, down the leg and foot. This also included numbness and tingling all down the leg. The buttock and right hip pain could only be described as “screwdrivers” boring into me.

Frustrated and feeling defeated I called The Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre in my neighborhood. They treat pain issues involving many types of injuries, and degenerative afflictions with laser therapy.

I have just completed 8 treatments and my severe leg pain has gone! The numbness and tingling down the leg has improved greatly. What a relief! I am now off my very strong narcotic medication! After the fourth laser treatment I awakened expecting the pain to begin 10 to 15 seconds after standing …. but it did NOT happen. I was so thrilled I called the clinic to share my wonderful news.

I shall continue with twice a week laser treatments and I am completely hopeful that my new life without chronic pain will cease to exist. In summary, I only wish I knew about laser treatment much earlier, which would have saved me from years of pain.

It is my recommendation that anyone who may be suffering from some kind of debilitating injury and many other afflictions that cause one pain, please try laser therapy. I have hope now, and am looking forward to the future!