Ed (arthritis pain)
I was in pain with arthritis for 6-8 months day and night. No medication was helping. I was in pain 24 hours a day and after the 2nd treatment I noticed that it was beginning to get a lot better. To save your stomach, I would recommend this treatment. I also recommend that you continue the treatments for the recommended time by the therapist. Laser therapy treatments even helped my psoriasis.

Donna (mobility and knee pain)
Marilyn & Lindsay:

Sorry this testimonial took so long to send to you; but I have been crazy busy and so full of energy since I experience laser therapy.

Marilyn is a very kind and caring woman whose warm friendly personality welcomes you to the pain centre, which immediately enhances the atmosphere of relaxation present there.

Marilyn told me that I would not feel much change until after the third treatment.

After the third treatment, I began to feel less pain in my knee. As the treatments continued, I felt better and better overall, like I was being rejuvenated.

I received 8 treatments in all. I have more energy than I have had in a long, long time and much less pain to almost no pain at all.

The treatments I received on my knee made an awesome difference in my life. I would and have been recommending laser therapy to everyone I know who is experiencing pain of any kind.

I am writing this about a month after my last treatment and I still feel hardly any pain; mostly no pain at all. My energy level has returned ten-fold and I have much more mobility again.

Lindsay, the laser therapist, was very friendly and pleasant. Each visit was rewardingly relaxing and educational, as to the fact of how laser therapy works to stimulate the natural healing process of our bodies. I found my experience to be a very peaceful half-hour of absolutely painless therapy.

Thanks to laser therapy I have my life back!

Anna ( herniated discs, degenerative changes, spinal stenosis and nerve root compression)
In 2003 working as a nurse I sustained a devastating lower back injury catching a falling patient. I was off work for many months of intense therapy getting just minimal pain relief.

My Doctor prescribed many different medications which allowed me to "function" in activities of daily living and at work. I had better days followed by intolerable days. Cycle of pain, some relief and back pain again.

My CT and MRI revealed herniated discs, degenerative changes, spinal stenosis and nerve root compression. Eventually the pain spread from my lower back to my legs and feet. Taking turns between one leg and then the other. Walking for any length of time was difficult. Always keeping narcotic analgesics with me.

Seven years have now passed, with the pain increasing in severity and frequency. Getting up in the morning required medication before getting out of bed! Medication to allow some sleep.

I tried all types of therapy, physio, acupuncture, and deep tissue massage, all of which afforded me a temporary reprieve from the pain that grew in severity. An Activator Chiropractor gave me a welcome decrease in muscle spasms, kept me in alignment so I could function and go to work.

In August of this year, while on holidays I was in excruciating pain from the right buttock, down the leg and foot. This also included numbness and tingling all down the leg. The buttock and right hip pain could only be described as "screwdrivers" boring into me.

Frustrated and feeling defeated I called The Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre in my neighborhood. They treat pain issues involving many types of injuries, and degenerative afflictions with laser therapy.

I have just completed 8 treatments and my severe leg pain has gone! The numbness and tingling down the leg has improved greatly. What a relief! I am now off my very strong narcotic medication! After the fourth laser treatment I awakened expecting the pain to begin 10 to 15 seconds after standing .... but it did NOT happen. I was so thrilled I called the clinic to share my wonderful news.

I shall continue with twice a week laser treatments and I am completely hopeful that my new life without chronic pain will cease to exist. In summary, I only wish I knew about laser treatment much earlier, which would have saved me from years of pain.

It is my recommendation that anyone who may be suffering from some kind of debilitating injury and many other afflictions that cause one pain, please try laser therapy. I have hope now, and am looking forward to the future!
Doreen (painful dermatitis)
After receiving a number of foot detox treatments, a rash appeared on both of my shins that looked like I had been burned from the ankle to 4 inches below the knee. It was extremely itchy and very hot. I went to the Health Food Store and tried an ointment for rashes, which didn't help. I then went to a nurse practitioner who told me the rash looked like a form of dermatitis and prescribed cortisone cream. After receiving no relief, I was referred to a Dermatologist who diagnosed the condition as ecezma and prescribed a more concentrated cortisone cream, which also provided no relief. After 5 months of suffering with this condition, I saw an ad for Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre and began receiving treatments. The rash slowly started to clear up and after 11 treatments it is now healed.

I am very grateful for these treatments and that I do not have to suffer any longer with the burning and itching.

Doreen Stasis Dermatitis - Edema
Donald (sciatica)
Since coming to the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre the management staff have nothing but kind and gracious. I was in severe pain with my sciatica and over the course of 11 treatments I am now void of any pain. I would like to recommend to anyone to come and see the friendly folks at the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre.

Very Sincerely, Donald
Marlene (hip bursitis)
I had bursitis in my hip and went to the Pan Am Clinic for treatment and they recommended a cortisone shot and medication. I took them for a while and gave up and wanted to go the natural way as I am already taking heart medication. My husband saw an ad for Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre and recommended I try the laser therapy. After six treatments I no longer have any pain. Marlene
Laurie (pinched nerve in hip)
Two years ago I managed to pinch a nerve in my hip which affected both of my legs, causing extreme numbness and tingling. I was put on rigorous massage therapy treatment which helped bring feeling back intermittently. Then I was offered laser therapy and the difference was immediate. There is no pain or discomfort with the treatment, therefore no aches and pains after. I continue to receive therapy and am happy that it is now once a month but I still continue to see the benefits. Laser therapy provides wonderful relief and I have recommended many friends to give it a try.
Iris (Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, TMJ)
Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, TMJ, and the list goes on. Although it's only been about 12 - 13 years, it seems like a lifetime of chronic pain. Pain so intense you can't sleep because it wakes you up, pain that has made it impossible to work outside the home, travel, drive, shop, perform daily tasks. Over the years I have tried anything I thought would help: physiotherapy, prescription medications, clinical trials, acupuncture, etc. Short term fixes at best. I had resigned myself to the fact that this was just the way it would be.

I saw an ad for the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre and thought should I? Truthfully, I was really skeptical. I began treatments in mid April of 2008. I didn't really notice big changes at first; family and friends noticed subtle changes. After a couple of weeks, I realized that I didn't need to grab onto something to get out of bed. Then I noticed I wasn't reaching for pain medication and a hot bag every morning. My pain medication has been reduced by half. I still can't believe the difference these treatments have made. For the first time in six years, I was able to go away for a few days. The treatments have made a marked difference in my daily living. I will continue treatments until all the problem areas have been treated. The Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre is a clean, comfortable and relaxing facility. The owner and staff at the centre are incredible, skilled, caring and compassionate; just amazing.

Bob (polio surgery after-effects)
My name is Bob and I would like to tell you about the benefits I received from the laser treatments I was given at the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Center.

My left ankle and foot had been operated on in 1955 as a result of the paralysis due to the polio epidemic. The poor circulation in my foot caused it to be extremely cold and swollen limiting movement at times.

After only a few treatments my ankle and foot started to give me more flexibility as I was able to walk for longer periods with less pain. As the treatments continued the swelling lessened and the foot was no longer prone to severe coldness.

Because of receiving these treatments I have more mobility now and enjoy a range of physical activity that only caused me pain previously.
Annie (knee and hip replacement)
After having my knee and hip replacement, I thought I am free of pain, but one day my leg started hurting all the way to my hip. I had a hard time walking. I cried many mornings. Then one day I got this paper with a write-up on relief of pain by laser. I said this is for me. I went several times and my pain is gone. I am so happy - no pain! Anyone that has pain - go for laser therapy at Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre.

Mrs. Annie
Bill (lower back pain)
Have you ever suffered from lower back pain that curtails your daily activities including walking and golfing? Well, I have, and after a dozen or more visits to a Chiropractor and several sessions with a Massage Therapist that resulted in no lasting relief, I realized I needed different treatment to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

I then visited the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre in Southdale Centre and began receiving Low Intensity Laser Therapy. After several sessions I began to notice an improvement in my lower back. I have now completed eight sessions in four weeks, including massage therapy with the last two sessions.

I am now almost completely free of pain and discomfort.

To those who are in chronic pain, I would recommend a visit to the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre. The staff are not only very informative, but highly professional and I certainly recommend their services!

Pain free, Bill
Doreen (arthritic knees)
My name is Doreen and I have very arthritic knees, which were giving me a lot of pain, especially at the end of an 8-hour shift at work. In early December 2007 I had already made an appointment to have a Cortisone shot in each knee to ease the pain, when I dropped by the Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre to enquire about laser treatment. I had heard from a friend that it worked, and I talked to my chiropractor, who recommended that I try the treatments.

On December 6th I had my first treatment and four more after that. After the third treatment, I could really feel a difference, especially in my left knee. After five treatments I don't have one-quarter the pain I had when I first started taking the treatments.

Now I recommend this treatment to anyone who lives with chronic pain.