Merrilyn Irvine

Merrilyn Irvine

I am the owner of Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre and had suffered with chronic pain since my early twenties.

I suffered from chronic pain from an accumulation of injuries from car accidents snowmobile tumbles, and being thrown from a horse. As I did not receive therapy after these accidents, I had an accumulation of musculoskeletal complications. I had severe muscle tightness, lots of scar tissue, excruciatingly painful muscle spasms and muscle weakness. As well, an MRI revealed that I had osteoarthritis in my right shoulder and disk herniation in the lumbar area of my spine. On many occasions, I had difficulty walking because of the extreme pain radiating into my legs. My legs also gave out on me occasionally due to nerve impingement.

My medical doctor prescribed muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication and pain medications. This hardly alleviated the pain and I was very concerned about the health risks associated with talking medications long-term. I visited several alternative health care practitioners on a regular basis. Although these therapies were very beneficial, they did not provide long-term results for the pain I was experiencing.

I became interested in low intensity laser therapy after my sister, Hazel, received incredible results having a rheumatic disorder treated. I had watched a normally high-energy person reduced to severe exhaustion because of the pain she was experiencing. She was hardly able to work part-time and was considering quitting her job. Her Rheumatologist recommended Low Intensity Laser Therapy and I watched over the course of a year as her life changed dramatically.

...Today, my sister is now functioning normally and working full-time hours after having her qualify of life almost completely destroyed by chronic pain.

Because of the results I saw with my sister, I began receiving Low Intensity Laser Therapy treatments on my shoulder. I noticed more changes in 6 treatments than I had in the past several years of therapy. I continued treatments on other areas of muscle tightness and my back, which also yielded excellent results.

My belief in the benefits and science of Low Intensity Laser Therapy and an intense desire to help others who live with chronic pain led me to resign from a 15-year career with the provincial government to start Winnipeg Pain Treatment Centre in August 2007. The clinic continues to grow as clients are telling their friends and family about their incredible results.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy gave me my life back and can do the same for you!!

Merrilyn Irvine